We are thrilled to share with you the inspiring testimonies of pastors and church leaders we have had the privilege to serve in numerous capacities.


"I have known Michael for over 25 years. He is a deeply committed servant of Christ and a very talented vessel. Michael has led worship at our church over the years and had conducted worship seminars with our congregation as well as our worship team. He is a very conscientious servant of the Lord that ministers with a level of distinction and versatility. He is sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as he leads worship and can adjust to different environments seamlessly. I have always been impressed with his ability to play the keyboard and his knowledge of setting up the sound for maximum impact. Michael is a gift to the Body of Christ."
Rev. Pastor Paul Hylton
Senior Pastor
Middletown, CT

"I have known Minister Michael Dottin for over 20 years and have ministered with him on numerous occasions. He is truly an anointed psalmist with a heart after God and the time-tested ability to usher the people of God into His Holy presence with his extraordinary musical talent. In addition, his easy-going teaching style makes it easy to learn the principles that God’s word teaches concerning praise and worship. We have ministered together in conferences across the US, and every time, Minister Dottin came with a relevant, timely word in the area of worship. He has the ability to make you laugh, cry, and think deeply about God’s awesome presence and how we can attract that presence into our daily lives through praise and worship. He is truly a gift to the body of Christ and I look forward to ministering together with him in the future."

Rev. Kevin E. Thorne, Sr.
Minister of Music
Raleigh North Christian Center
Raleigh, NC
"I have had the pleasure of working with Minister Michael Dottin numerous times over the course of many years and have been blessed by each experience. Minister Dottin is anointed in his calling and is always professional. Whether facilitating a workshop, ministering in song, or performing an audio evaluation, his knowledge and expertise are clearly demonstrated. His vibrant and congenial personality is outshined only by his love for the Lord."

Min. Antoinette M. Ferrara
Minister of Worship & Arts
Congdon Street Baptist Church
Providence, RI
"We had Minister Michael Dottin at our first Worship & Music Seminar. Those who attended are still talking about it. It was done in the utmost of excellence. We are taking a lot of his principles from the seminar and adapting them to other areas of ministry as well. Professionalism, informative, straightforward, beautiful music, and Spirit-led are a few terms that describe Michael's ministry and his team. We plan to have him on our calendar every year."

Marie Miller
Minister of Music
Rock Tabernacle Ministries
New Haven, CT

"Our organization has used Michael Dottin on numerous occasions with regards to his audio technical expertise, as well as his musicianship during our worship services. Recently, Michael played and led worship for one of our men's events. When a person can get men to engage in expressive worship, it's obvious that God's grace is upon their lives in that particular area."

Bishop Brian C. Greene
International President
United Pentecostal Council of the Assemblies of God, Inc.
Pentecostal Tabernacle
Cambridge, MA

"Michael Dottin has blessed the Abundant Life Church numerous times with his gift as a musician and audio technician. Michael has a passion for worship and the word. He has a heart to lead others into the presence of God. What makes Michael Dottin's ministry so unique is that he is a man of prayer and devotion. You will be blessed by the services of Michael Dottin Ministries."

Rev. Lawrence A Ward
Senior Pastor
Abundant Life Church
Cambridge, MA 02139

"I first met Michael Dottin in the early 1980s and for a few years we were members of the same church. Although our ministries eventually took us in different directions, our paths crossed again in 2008. By this time, my wife and I were pastoring a 4 year old church and we had a worship team that was struggling with low morale. Michael pitched in for us several times when we were in need and each time God used him to bring our worship to a new level. He quickly became our "go to" worship leader."

"While serving in this capacity he has also identified and solved some major problems we were experiencing with our sound equipment. His skill as a musician, his audio expertise, and his discipline as a leader have given our worship team new life; his personal connections have drawn new people to the team. Under his Spirit-led direction, our Sunday worship is better than ever."

"Eva Norman, a musician and part of our worship team, adds: Michael has been a huge blessing to our worship team. He brings patience, skill, vision, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to his work. Our team has become more disciplined, organized, focused, and competent. More importantly, our congregation is experiencing God's presence in more significant ways."

Rocklyn E. Clarke
Senior Pastor
Life Church
Dorchester, MA

"Michael Dottin is an incredibly sensitive worship leader and musician. I was looking for someone who had a great sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, musical skill and flexibility to flow prophetically, when we began our Hosting His Presence meetings in the fall of 2008. It was interesting that Michael contacted me via email because of our connection to the Emmanuel Gospel Center and immediately, I know he was the one. Michael along with his wife Joanne are equipped to deliver the sound of the Lord. It is an incredible experience. I know that Michael has spent hours in the presence of the Lord because you cannot capture this “throne room sound” unless you know the Lord intimately. He is an open vessel through which God pours his music. I can't wait for his worship CD to hit the market!"

Linda Clark
Freedom Journey Outpost
Boston, MA

"My first worship seminar with Minister Dottin was in 2008 (See His Glory Worship & Music Ministry Conference), and my worship team and I have never been the same. He is truly gifted to teach and sing under the anointing. It was a wonderful worship and teaching experience. Our team took back lots of valuable information both in theory and in practice. It was just absolutely awesome. Since that time, Minister Dottin has been at my church to lead a Worship Workshop and give us an audio consultation. I can honestly say in both areas, he was stellar. His Worship Workshop was "right on" and covered the basics. His approach during the consultation was professional, helpful and informative. Our Music Ministry and Audio area has gone a few steps higher because of the way the Lord used Minister Michael with our team."

Minister Margie Stuppard
Music Ministry Director
Gospel Tabernacle Outreach Ministries Inc.
Providence, RI
"I have known Michael for 15 years. He is a leader in the Christian community, and he has had a variety of connections with the Emmanuel Gospel Center over many years. Since 2006, the Emmanuel Gospel Center has provided fiscal conduit support to Michael Dottin Ministries, and I am honored that we are able to serve his significant work in this way."
"In 2010, I asked Michael to attend our staff meeting and do a presentation on The Role of Worship in the Church. He did an outstanding job. Those in attendance were richly blessed as he led us into the presence of God with his team. He then talked about the importance of corporate worship, and the role of singers and musicians in the local church."
"On another occasion, Michael provided a sound system for our Annual Dinner and led worship with his team. Michael is an excellent worship leader and he did a great job at our banquet."
"I have no doubt Michael is an individual who can articulate the Word of God so others can comprehend and apply it to their lives. His ability to lead worship is strong, but more importantly, he is able to teach and disciple others in worship, and this is where his ministry really shines."

Jeffrey Bass
Executive Director
Emmanuel Gospel Center
Boston, MA

“Michael Dottin Ministries has blessed the Baptist Church of All Nations (BCAN) numerous times for many years. He is a gifted musician, worship leader and arranger. Minister Dottin is anointed in his calling and is always professional and has a passion for worship and the Word. What makes Michael's ministry so unique is that he is a man of prayer and devotion. Next year (2017) will be the first Michael is not using BCAN to host his conference. He will be sorely missed.”
Rev. Walker C. Farrar, Jr., M.Div.
Interim Pastor
Taunton, MA

Feedback From Those Who Attended See His Glory Worship & Arts Conference

"I like the fact that the speakers were speaking under the anointing, and every segment was confirmed by scripture...the presence of the Lord was mighty in our midst."

"I loved the break time to absorb all that we learned."

“I enjoyed the worship and the teaching, “Building A Solid Worship Team.”

"The information was priceless. I learned a lot, more than I expected to learn."

"Great content, presenters were vulnerable and honest… we had workshop options and lots of hands on application."

"I liked that the presenters wanted people to ask questions and talk back to them."
"Just wanted to say how much the team enjoyed the conference. Actually "enjoy" does not quite express everything. We were blessed, warmed, challenged, refreshed, surprised by the Holy Spirit and overwhelmed by the love of our Lord. We had a God experience truly. Thank you and your team for creating the space for God to speak to us. We pray that we can take what was imparted and run with it to bring about our Father's purposes."

"The worship was great. Glory to God. Keep up the good work. God is very happy with yours. I enjoyed myself very much and I'm 16. It's harder to catch our attention so great job!"

"I loved the praise and worship, and especially the fellowship. The other thing was the insight and teaching that was given."

"I liked how that when there was a question, the presenters answered the question fully, and always asked if we had any more questions. They were willing to answer them."
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