We're not just about training and developing people in worship and music ministry. We care deeply about helping the local church thrive. That's why we organize interactive forums that deal with the tough topic of spiritual abuse in the church. We offer a forum called, Unmasking Spiritual Abuse In The Church.


The Purpose of the Forum is Threefold:

  1. To raise awareness about the problem of clergy abuse.
  2. To allow opportunity for healthy dialog in a non-threatening environment.
  3. To offer hope, healing and resources.
The purpose of the forum is not to criticize or undermine pastors and church leaders. Rather, it aims to promote healthy relationships between clergy and congregants, in line with the biblical goal of glorifying Christ (Ephesians 4:3).

The Birth of The Spiritual Abuse Forum


In 2008, I watched a film entitled, All In The Name Of God, which aired on TV. As I watched the film in pain, it occurred to me that this disturbing trend of pastors and church leaders abusing the flock of God needed to be addressed. After much prayer, I was led by the Lord and encouraged by others to host a forum called, Unmasking Spiritual Abuse in the Church.


The "first" forum was held in 2008, and was well attended. The panelists took time to answer questions, offered hope, and provided biblical insight. Resources were available to those who attended. It was truly a time of healing!

All In The Name Of God

What happens when the messenger becomes more powerful than the message?


Synopsis of the film:

This cinematic masterpiece features Bishops, Pastors, Politicians, Mental Health Professionals, Bible Scholars, Lay People, as well as victims, who are willing to share their stories with the world in order to prevent another person from going down the same road. At times, this compelling piece will leave you stunned and perplexed as well as sad and discouraged and yes even hopeful that this exposé will do its good work and help in the healing process for those who have been victimized. What you will see is all true, the people are real and all of the incidents did take place. How sad.


Featured in this highly controversial documentary are such notables as: Bishop Wayne Powell, Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman, Dr. Lee Underwood (Psychologist), Bishop Roderick Caesar, Pastor John Thompson, Mark Jackson (Former NBA Player), Bishop Michael Rogers, Pastor Nathan Byrd, Anita Estell (Political Lobbyist), Bishop Liston Page Jr., Dr. Stacy Scott (Psychologist), Bobby Gibson (Christian Counselor), and Gary and Delion Sheffield (Major League Baseball Player and Gospel Singing Artist).


"All In The Name Of God" is straight talk by powerful men and women concerning Cleric abuse: what signs to look for, and how to correct the wrongs. This powerful teaching tool will equip men and women with the necessary means to find a good and stable church home.



The website for All In The Name of God no longer exist, and the DVD by the same name is difficult to find online.


Michael has been invited by Zenzo Matoga (Director of United Night of Worship) to speak on the subject of Spiritual Abuse. This event is now open to the general public!

Saturday, March 3, 2012, 10am

Life Church (Igreja Vida)
4000 Mystic Valley Parkway (park in Gold's Gym lot)
Medford, MA
Admission is free and parking available.
The Purpose Of The Forum:
1. To bring awareness to the problem of clergy abuse.
2. To allow opportunity for healthy dialog in a non-threatening environment.
3. To offer hope, healing and resources.

Note: This forum will not be a platform for bashing and undermining pastors and church leaders. The "goal" is to see healthy relationships exist between clergy and congregants, and thereby glorify Christ (Ephesians 4:3).

Please bring your bible, pen and notebook.
Click HERE for directions to the church.
Min. Dottin talked about the role of the pastor and church leader, gave practical solutions and biblical insights on identifying spiritual abuse, and offered suggestions on how to get help and recover. 
Those who attended were inspired and encouraged by the Word of God, and found hope to move forward. After the talk, Michael and his team prayed with those needing direction and healing from the Lord - this was a revival of hope!


Those who attended learned how to "identify" Spiritual Abuse and how to "overcome" it. The panelists were helpful by answering questions addressing abuse from a spiritual, psychological, and legal perspective.

The feedback from attendees was very encouraging and has prompted us to offer the forum to others. If you are interested in hosting the forum at your church or ministry center, please contact us at 617.876.9703.

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