Let us provide you with professional audio/visual services designed to meet the needs of your church or ministry center. Whether you are in need of an entire sound system or just a minor upgrade to an existing one, we can create the ideal system for you. We also provide audio training workshops to ensure proper usage.


A/V Installation

  • Audio and Video Consulting
  • Acoustical Treatment
  • Sales and Maintenance
  • Audio Training Workshops

Project Portfolio

  • Christian Mission Holiness Church, Cambridge, MA
  • Calvary Praise & Worship Center, Cambridge, MA
  • Life Church, Boston, MA
  • Holy Temple Church, Roxbury, MA
  • Pentecostals of Boston, Hyde Park, MA
  • Spring Of Water Christian Assembly, Randolph, MA
  • St. James Community Church, Attleboro, MA
  • Bethel AME Church, New Bedford, MA
  • Congdon Street Baptist Church, Providence, RI
  • First Church of God, Peace Dale, RI

Sound Reinforcement Services

Are you having a special event that requires a sound system and recording? We can provide a professional sound system for any size venue. Much care and detail goes into designing the right system for the job. We treat every event as if it were our own. NEW: We now offer microphone systems for panel discussion.

Here's What We Offer
  • Technical survey of the venue
  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • Competent technicians
  • Soundcheck before event begins
  • Digital recording of event
  • Digital duplication
Here's What We Use
  • Mixing Console (analog and digital): Presonus, Midas, Yamaha
  • Signal Processing: Presonus, dbx, Rane
  • Power Amplifiers: Crown, EV
  • Speakers: EV, JBL, EAW
  • Subwoofers: EV, JBL, EAW
  • Monitors: EV, EAW
  • Microphones (wired and wireless): Shure, Sennheiser
  • Drum Microphones: Shure, Audio Technica
  • Instrument Microphones: Shure, Audio Technica
  • CD Player: Tascam
  • CD Recorder: Tascam
  • Direct Boxes: BSS, ProCo
  • Snake: Whirlwind
  • Boomstands: Atlas
Audio Training Workshops
The audio department in the church is essential to the proclamation of the Word of God and the ministry of music. A basic understanding of audio equipment is necessary in order to experience sound that is articulate and comfortable. This down-to-earth workshop will equip you with the basics of audio, without any technical jargon!
  • Understanding Audio Equipment
  • Wiring Your System
  • Operating Your Sound System: The Fundamentals
  • Performing Soundchecks
  • CD and Digital Recording
  • In-ear Monitor Systems
  • Using Backing Tracks
  • Digital mixers 101
Let us train your audio team to record and duplicate messages on CD, USB, and MP3 so that you can spread the Word of God abroad.
  • How To Start A Media Duplication Ministry
  • Recruiting and Training
  • Digital Duplication 101: The Process
  • Where To Find Products
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